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In Reference Service Press's award-winning financial aid database, there are detailed descriptions of more than 35,000 separate (and completely portable) scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, prizes, paid internships, and other funding opportunities. Periodically, we pull from this database to issue a series of award-winning financial aid publications or to update the data we send to agencies, organizations, educational institutions, and individuals licensing our data.

If your organization offers financial aid but has not put Reference Service Press on its distribution list, your funding programs might not be included in our database. Here's an easy way to make sure that information about the financial aid you offer is getting the kind of distribution it deserves. Just fill out the form below and information about your program will go directly to one of our editors. Be sure to describe only one program per form.

Before you submit the form, make sure that you have answered every required question (those with an * following the heading) and that you have supplied information for any of the other questions that apply. Remember: you'll need to fill out a separate form for each program you want considered for inclusion in Reference Service Press's financial aid database.

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Thanks for taking the time to submit information about your financial aid program to Reference Service Press. We'll e-mail you back and let you know if your program is going to be added, or if we need additional information, or if your program falls outside the scope of our service.

Please send your inquiries, comments, and suggestions to info@rspfunding.com
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