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Directory of Financial Aids for Women

Directory of Financial Aids for Women
What the Reviewers Are Saying:

“This is the most comprehensive and well organized resource for women anywhere. It covers almost every subject a woman might be interested in including career development, scholarships, research fellowships, visiting professorships, travel grants and much more.”

Women’s International Network News

“No one does a better job of compiling extensive lists of financial aid opportunities and marketing them than Gail Schlachter and this fine book is no exception. It’s attractive in format, durable enough for frequent student use, contains comprehensive descriptions of awards, and is well-indexed. A great resource and highly recommended.”

Off to College

“Well worth the price. The directory provides a wealth of information…Easy to use.”

Amazon.com customer review

"Highly recommended. Provides an important listing of scholarships, fellowships, loans and awards which women can obtain. These financial resources aren’t just for a college education, either; awards may be used to further a career or to fund a study or research project. A excellent choice for financial aid.”

Wisconsin Bookwatch

"Popular and widely-used…The content is easy-to-follow and the book comes in a very sturdy binding, as if anticipating heavy use. Highly recommended."

College Spotlight

“This directory is an excellent guide for women, and the price is very reasonable. It should be in the reference collections of all kinds of libraries as well as in the offices of high school counselors, adult career counselors, and academic advisers. The title is a must-purchase guide.”

American Reference Books Annual

"Reference Service Press has been publishing financial aid directories since 1977, the first year it published this title on FA for women. It is a top notch reference tool for women serious about their pursuit of scholarship/internship funding. It is more comprehensive than similar guides, containing not only traditional private scholarships but awards, fellowships and internship opportunities as well. Unlike many similar guides, the number of listings is not padded by reference to non-portable ‘scholarships’ offered by colleges themselves. The indexing system is the best organized and most comprehensive that we’ve seen.”

College Financial Aid: The Best Resources to Help You Find the Money

"The best work in print about grants for women as a population group is the Directory of Financial Aids for Women."

Feminist Collections

"If you are interested in fellowships, grants, etc. designed primarily for women, you should consult this directory. A useful feature of the book is that aid sources are culled from a wide array of sponsors."

The Launch Pad

"No organization interested in serving women should be without this directory!"

The Grantsmanship Center

"Undergraduate women, heads up! Nearly 1600 funding programs are listed here in a very user-friendly book. Especially useful."

Kansas State University's CATnet

"With the number of guides to college financial aid available, one more may seem superfluous. However, this single-volume guide is a unique and worthwhile supplement to any collection as it offers a descriptive list of financial aids designated primarily or exclusively for women." As a result of that assessment, the Directory of Financial Aids for Women was named the "cream of the crop" in School Library Journal's "Reference Round-Up."

School Library Journal

Selected as one of the "Best of the Best" in education and career information print materials.

National Education and Information Center Advisory Committee

"For more on grants and fellowships, the Directory of Financial Aids for Women is a great resource!"


"Each entry includes detailed information on program title, sponsoring organization address and telephone number, scope and purpose, eligibility, remuneration, duration, special features and limitations, number of awards, and deadline date. A very useful, all-in-one source."

VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)

"Complete and comprehensive," the Directory of Financial Aids for Women is "an invaluable compilation of what opportunities are available for women of any age who want to go to school." The directory "is a must for any woman who needs help for education and doesn't know where to find it."

The Midwest Book Review

"Feminists, homemakers, and women everywhere will welcome this book, since it is so well-done and simple to use. While it is important to have available money to use, it is equally important to know how to find it. A quintessential acquisition for public libraries of all sizes, this directory is an essential aid to women in their careers, professions, and education."

Small Press

"The variety of programs is amazing: scholarships for atmospheric sciences, computer sciences, dance, and landscape architecture. This edition is an essential purchase."

Library Journal

In selecting the Directory of Financial Aids for Women for inclusion in the latest edition of Reference Sources for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries (a highly-acclaimed list published by the American Library Assocaition that, for the past 40 years, has provided "bibliographic information and evaluative annotations for the most convenient and productive reference sources"), the reviewer called this directory from Reference Service Press one of the "absolute best guides for finding funding for specialized populations" and, because of that, strongly "recommended [the title] for public and academic libraries of all sizes."

Reference Sources for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries

"Check out the Directory of Financial Aids for Women. This book by Gail Schlachter contains info on over 1,700 financial aid programs. It makes it easy to find the scholarship sources just right for you!"

'Teen Magazine

"In this era of soaring higher education costs and increasing student indebtedness, the Directory of Financial Aids for Women continues to be a valuable tool for women looking for financial aid...Recommended" at "all levels!"

Choice: Current Review for Academic Libraries

"This publication is the most comprehensive directory of financial aid available to women."

New York University Graduate School of Arts and Science

"An excellent starting guide book for anyone who works in the financial aid or advising field and is trying to locate primary or supplemental financial resources for a female student. The individual woman who is searching for information would find it very useful as well."

Advising Quarterly

"Now you can find all the sources of scholarship aid in one place: the Directory of Financial Aids for Women. This book lists every kind of scholarship, fellowship, loan, grant, award, and internship imaginable."


"The most comprehensive source of current information on financial aid specifically for women. It is an essential and reasonably priced purchase."

Reference Books Bulletin

Recommended by SingleMom.com because "this award-winning directory references more than 1,700 national and international scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards, and internships set aside for women, and is the only comprehensive and regularly updated list of funding opportunities available to women."


Selected as one of the "top 7 financial aid and scholarship" books by about.com.

About.com (Adult and Continuing Education)

"The only comprehensive and current source of information on financial aid programs for and about women. The standard in the field."

Virginia College Quest

Listed as an "Essential Publication" by Mount Holyoke College's Career Development Center.

"Essenial Publications," Career Development Center, Mount Holyoke College

Selected for inclusion in the 12th edition of Guide to Reference  (the landmark guide that identifies "the best available reference sources") because of the usefulness, breadth of scope, and quality of information the Directory of Financial Aids for Women offers to "women at the high school through postdoctorate and professional levels."

Guide to Reference, 12th Edition

"I received this book in the mail...it gives you access to scholarships, fellowships, loans, and grants, and is specifically designed for women who are in college and or graduate school. I have found a lot of great scholarships that I plan to apply to, and you can too if you just take the time to look. Libraries generally have this book, but if you want to write in it, highlight, make notes, you know, kind of personalize your own copy, it's best to buy it, as I did. And, you'll definitely find that it's worth the money. I gave this book a 5 star rating, because it was exactly what I was looking for."

R. Suissa, Amazon.com customer review

The "key source for this area of financial aid."

Bob Cole, ILS Capstone Project

"...a great resource for women looking for funding opportunities...directly highlights information of use to students exploring careers. Undergraduate and graduate female students will appreciate the large font, organizational techniques, and usability of the text...The directory will be a welcome addition to any university/college library, financial aid department, and advising office."


"In addition to the financial aid programs available through the University's Financial Aid office, there are an unlimited number of independent sources offering financial assistance for higher education. Here is where the persistence on your part comes in. Resources such as the Directory of Financial Aids for Women, and the College Student's Guide to Merit and Other No-Need Funding are just two examples of guides, which list thousands of organizations, providing financial support for returning to college. Similar resources that are specific to a variety of ethnic groups, military families, people with disabilities and various fields of study also exist to help you identify all possible sources for which you might qualify."

Old Dominion University Women's Center

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