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Funding for Persons with Visual Impairments: Large Print Edition

Funding for Persons with Visual Impairments
Large Print Edition:

What the Reviewers Are Saying

“Reference Service Press’s Funding for Persons with Visual Impairments is…an exceptional resource for visually impaired college students, both on the undergraduate and graduate level, seeking aid in financing their college education.”


“One of the most prominent strengths of this book is apparent before reading a single word; it is published in large print, acknowledging the irony that so many visually impaired grantseekers face when even the funds that are set aside specifically for them prove difficult to access because their descriptions are buried in the depths of minuscule text. This softcover, spiral-bound volume with its easy-to-read type is as mindful of the eyes of its readers as it is of their finances. A vital resource for the blind community, this publication is a cornerstone in the equal opportunity movement, opening doors to funding possibilities that enable visually impaired persons to pursue their goals on a more equal footing with their fully sighted counterparts."


"The most comprehensive guide of its kind."

Disability Resources Monthly

"Highly recommended resource."

Omegapoint Network

"Finally, an up-to-date, large-print (19 point type) listing of more than 275 scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants-in-iad, awards, and internships available to people with visual impairments."

Job Quest

"A great reference book about scholarships, loans, grants, and awards from organizations throughout the country and lists the eligibility requirements for each. Reference Service Press also has publications about funding for many other categories (people with disabilities and their families, college students, etc.)."

The Foundation Fighting Blindness

Funding for Persons with Visual Impairments "provides a place for this group to find financial aid in a clear and easy way...the best source available in this area because of the large print."

Bob Cole, ILS Capstone Project

"If you are visually impaired, and have decided to go to college or another educational program, Funding for Persons with Visual Impairments by Gail Ann Schlachter and R. David Weber is a good starting place. This book provides a list of scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards and internships that may be available to you. Some of the funding sources are location specific, such as those offered by the various states, while others are open to a wide range of applicants."

Arkansas State Library Reference Department Blog

"This work is designed for college-bound seniors, undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals. The entries are grouped alphabetically by funding type and include such information as program title, sponsoring organization, contact details (including e-mail addresses and links to online application forms), eligibility requirements, amount of money awarded, duration, special features, limitations, and deadline date. This is a valuable addition to any library."

American Reference Books Annual

"This outstanding large-print resource book details about 320 public and private funding sources to help finance higher education for the visually impaired. High school seniors and above can expect to find the best sources here—no award that offers less than $500 is listed."

Ferguson Career Resource Guide

Funding for Persons with Visual Impairments was selected by the University of Wisconsin Library's Special Collections Department for inclusion in its exhibit honoring the "200th Anniversary of the Birth of Louis Braille."

University of Wisconsin Library

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