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How to Pay for Your Law Degree:
What the Reviewers Are Saying

"...there are a large number of funding opportunities that are not widely publicized to law schools. These opportunities have been conveniently collected in a new resource titled, How to Pay for Your Law Degree.”

“Law School Funding Opportunities,” Marquette University

"How to Pay for Your Law Degree provides detailed information on fellowships, internships, loans/forgivable loans, writing and other competitions, Bar Exam support programs, and grants available specifically to law students to support their study, training, research, and creative activities."

Kaplan Educational Centers

How to Pay for Your Law Degree is one of the "Suggested PreLaw Readings"  recommended by the American Bar Association.

Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools

"Don't let today's astronomical cost of law school (as much as $120,000) scare you off. Fortunately, you can get full details in How to Pay for Your Law Degree on 560 programs that will help you pay for your legal studies. No other print or online resource has as many funding sources as this thorough directory."

Job Quest

"How to Pay for Your Law Degree, an excellent entry from the award-winning Reference Service Press, should be just what the profession wants...Any library that serves anyone seeking information on higher education, especially in the field of law, will want this title on hand."

Ameriacn Reference Books Annual

"Great directory listing hundreds of third-party scholarships to help fund law school. Recommended."

Wesleyan University Law School (www.wesleyan.edu/careercenter/grad_school/law/financing/html)

"How to Pay for Your Law Degree contains a listing of scholarships available nationally, including many that do not send announcements to BU Law." 

Boston University School of Law

"How to Pay for Your Law Degree includes over 500 financial aid programs, representing MILLIONS of dollars...to help law students. The financial aid programs cover all specialty areas, ranging from general practice to wills and trusts."


"Getting a law degree is expensive. Fortunately, hundreds of financial aid programs, representing millions of dollars, are available to help students pay for their law degree. How to Pay for Your Law Degree provides detailed information on nearly 560 fellowships" and other funding opportunities!

"College Funding" by Parenting Magic

"How to Pay for Your Law Degree makes it easy to find money you need. Entries are grouped by type of funding (e.g., fellowships, internships) and detailed descriptions are provided for each."

"New Books," Olaf H. Thormodsgard Law Library, University of North Dakota

"The [new] edition of How to Pay for Your Law Degree has just arrived at Cleveland-Marshall Law Library. This useful guide is specifically designed for the student working on his/her law degree, and lists by category Fellowships, Loans, Forgivable Loans, and Loan Repayment Programs, Grants, Bar Exam Support, Competitions, and Internships. In addition to a Program Title Index at the back, consider checking the Sponsoring Organization Index, Residency Index, Tenability Index (programs restricted to specific locations or not), Specialty Index, and/or Calendar Index."

CM Law Library Blog

"This book identifies hundreds of financial aid programs covering virtually every legal specialty."

"Resource List," Northeastern University School of Law

"Borrowing is not the only way to pay for a law degree. There are hundreds of fellowships, grants, awards, and other types of funding opportunities, representing millions of dollars, also available. Described in How to Pay for Your Law Degree [by Gail Schlachter and R. David Weber] are the 625 biggest and best fellowships, internships, loans and forgivable loans, writing and other competitions, grants, and Bar Exam stipends available specifically to law students to support their study, training, research, and creative activities...Every piece of information is here that you'll need to decide if a program is right for you. In seconds, you can read about the purpose, eligibility, monetary award, duration, special features, limitations, number awarded, and deadline date for any program that interests you. In addition, complete contact information is included: addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails, and web sites."

"Law Grants," Michigan State University Libraries

"The Moritz Office of Admissions and Financial Aid has several copies of How to Pay for Your Law Degree on file and has also placed a copy on reserve in the law library for student use."

Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

"We also suggest that you conduct your own search for scholarships for which you may qualify. A resource that we have in our office is a book called How to Pay for Your Law Degree by Gail Ann Schlachter and R. David Weber."

DePaul College of Law (law.depaul.edu/applicants/admitted_students/fin_aid_scholar.asp)

"In this outstanding book, law students can learn how to access and apply for more than 650 sources of public and private funding for law school in this directory. Students will find funding for individual legal specialties, to those requiring specific residency in a state, to competitions and loan forgiveness programs."

Ferguson Career Resource Guide

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