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Review of Kaplan Scholarships

Kaplan Scholarships:
What the Reviewers Are Saying

"College-bound students and their parents will appreciate the information in this book on programs that offer significant and unrestricted scholarships along with tips and advice on how to get them."

Springfield (Missouri) News-Leader

“An outstanding job in listing the most major scholarship programs offered by private and non-private organizations. The book is well-thought out, indexed in a meaningful fashion.”

National Academy of American Scholars (www.naas.org)

“I am a financial aid professional, and I purchased this book for my own use, and for my students as well. This is a very useful reference work.”

Amazon.com customer review

"This book is worth the money I spent on it. It is easy to access scholarships that pertain to you and all of the information regarding addresses, websites, etc. appears to be correct. It takes time to go through any scholarship book, but this one is easier than most to scan."

Another Amazon.com customer review

Selected as a "recommended reference book for small and medium-sized libraries and media centers" (one of only nine financial aid titles selected).

Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries and Media Centers

Listed as one of the "great resources for finding scholarships and aid" by the Quest Scholars Program at Harvard University.

Quest Scholars Program, Harvard University

“With this book, you get exactly what you need.”

www.prosperity books.com/CollegeMoney.html

Kaplan Scholarships has been chosen as one of the "Essential Titles for the College Bound" by Miami-Dade Public Library System.

Miami-Dade Public Library System

"Wonderful book!! This book is full of information and I really recommend it for students looking for college money. I bought it for my grandson and he was awarded several scholarships based on information he found in this book."

P. Kelle's Gram, Amazon.com customer

"Packed with data compiled by Reference Service Press...this is a comprehensive, valuable guide no student should be without."


Selected as a"Recommended Reference Resource" by Suburban Library System. 

Suburban Library System

"If you find yourself not knowing where to turn for scholarship savvy, consider looking into a scholarship directory, such as Kaplan Scholarships."

CollegeBound Teen Magazine Online

Listed as one of the "Books That Can Help," because it "advises you on how to guide your search, avoid scams, and get the right awards for you by giving details about thousands of scholarships available. "

"Books That Can Help," Hawken School

"I am in awe over the information presented in Kaplan's Scholarships."

Brenda Hall, Scholarships and College Planning, Inc.

"I purchased the Kaplan's Scholarship book and it has been incredible. I have found at least 50 scholarships that my son is eligible to apply for...Your book has been a blessing. I asked the high school librarian to order a copy for the library, so all seniors can have access to scholarship information that they can pursue."

Deborah J. Carson, RSP Customer

"As it becomes more expensive and daunting to finance a college education, Kaplan Scholarships becomes more and more valuable. Students might be overwhelmed by the number of opportunities offered in this book; however, it is much better to be overwhelmed when it comes to financial aid than underwhelmed!"

American Reference Books Annual

"Anyone pursuing or considering pursuing a college degree" should turn first to "this comprehensive guide."

Ferguson Career Resource Guide

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