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How to Find Out About Financial Aid and Funding

How to Find Out About
Financial Aid and Funding:

What The Reviewers Are Saying:

"This is simply the best book of its kind on the market. It doesn’t list financial aid awards or sponsoring organizations, instead it cites and offers a critical review of around 600 print, electronic, and Internet resources which do present information on individual awards. It’s written by Gail Schlachter who has published a number of successful scholarship books.”

College Spotlight

“Now help is available for students, researchers, librarians, and guidance counselors in Gail Ann Schlachter’s How to Find Out about Financial Aid. This comprehensive guide identifies and evaluates more than 700 directories that provide current information about financial aid opportunities.”

Announcer (published by the American Association of Physics Teachers)

"Knowing what sources are available, reliable, and up-to-date is of greatest importance to the information provider and Dr. Schlachter has compiled the most complete bibliography of financial aid sources ever available. This guide was obviously put together by a librarian for librarians. It will be a welcome addition to public, high school and university libraries and a must for guidance counselors. Besides being a tool for ordering new material, it is a good index to hidden financial aid information in books that the library may already have on hand."

VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)

“Schlachter’s model ‘how to find out’ book lists print, electronic, and internet resources for financial aids and funding programs. Descriptions are helpfully evaluative, informative, and crisply written—a pleasure to read. Clear instructions tell how to identify specific resources, e.g., funding for members of a particular group. A closing section lists government agency Web sites where funding opportunities are likely to be announced—a very helpful feature. Schlachter is well known for other books on funding resources….Indispensible."


“This guide to guides provides an excellently organized systematically arranged annotated introduction to over 700 publications describing scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards, prizes, loans, and internships available to higher education students, primarily in the US, but with some references to Canada and Britain. Overall, this is an excellent introduction to an increasingly significant area of student admissions preparation.”

Reference & Research Book News

“Unique…very comprehensive and up-to-date guide. Highly recommended."

Library Journal

“We have long been a fan of the great books edited by Gail Ann Schlachter, an observation finely tuned by the fact that much of what she produces is in direct competition with our products. This is another excellent book reflecting the kind of detailed research that marks an outstanding book. It describes hundreds of directories which cite available financial aid and points out their strengths and weaknesses using a writing style and organizational format which makes the mass of detail highly usable.”

Career Opportunity News

“Gail Schlachter, a well known author of other books on funding resources, has put together this gem.”


“This ‘Guide’ actually helps to bring a reader into touch with thousands of sources for financial aid. Its compiler and author, Gail Ann Schlachter…is obviously very skilled. Schlachter makes sense of this abundance of material by her organization of it and objective annotations concerning the lists recorded. Billion dollars in financial aid are currently available to undergraduate and graduate students and researchers from governments, colleges, foundations, etc., around the world. How to Find Out about Financial Aid can provide them with much help in finding out about the great variety of it which is available.”

Small Press Book Review

“Reference librarians, financial officers, career counselors, researchers, and parents of college students will find this informative volume to be well worth its moderate price.”

American Reference Books Annual

"Schlachter, a prolific author of financial-aid books, has compiled a bibliography of more than 700 financial-aid and grant sources. The description includes the uses of the resources, special features, and so forth. Schlachter is willing to say whether a book is a worthwhile purchase…helpful for the really ambitious students wanting to leave no stone unturned in their quest for funding.”

Reference Books Bulletin

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