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High School Senior's Guide to Merit & Other No-Need Funding

High School Senior's Guide to
Merit & Other No-Need Funding:

What the Reviewers are Saying

“Reference Service Press publishes a number of great financial aid directories and this one is particularly welcome. This is an excellent resource and one which is arriving on the financial aid scene at a time when there is a strong revival in merit-based awards.”

Off to College

“This book has obvious appeal for the many families who find themselves daunted by the amount of money they are estimated to be able to afford to pay for their child’s education. Program listings are complete, accurate and up to date. The indexes are well done and entries are arranged into several groupings which makes it easier to find programs of interest.”

College Financial Aid: The Best Resources to Help You Find the Money

“The format is user friendly, and information on financial aid may be located by browsing through sections on general disciplines such as science, social studies, or humanities, with an additional chapter of alphabetical entries for “Any Subject Area.” Remarkably good directions in the introduction not only explain how to use the above but also clarify why a certain index would be more useful than another. This well-designed survey takes some of the confusion out of the process and presents current information."

School Library Journal

“Schlachter and Weber have done an exemplary job of organizing an enormous amount of information that could be priceless to all students who believe they may not have the financial means to go to college. This excellent directory contains a wealth of information about possible sources of support. Over 1,100 entries are included here, all based on academic record, writing or artistic ability, speech-making skills, athletic success, high school club membership, religious or ethnic background, parent's military background, and more...What makes this resource unique is that it is designed specifically for high school seniors (none of the scholarships are available for those already attending college) and all of the scholarship winners are chosen on a merit basis, not financial need. It belongs in all high school libraries..."

American Reference Books Annual

"Getting close to graduating and wondering how to pay for college? High School Senior’s Guide to Merit and Other No-Need Funding provides a handy list of references for financial aid which are based on merit rather than need.”

Wisconsin Bookwatch

“Librarian Schlachter is well known for her scholarship guides for minorities, women, veterans, and the disabled. This new guide targets another special group: middle-class students who don’t qualify for need-based scholarships. Entries note eligibility, amount of award, duration, number of awards granted, and deadline. Recommended.”

Reference Books Bulletin

The directory "organizes its contents for easy browsing, listing programs in the sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, and for any subject in sections clearly identified by a shaded section of fore edge in a stepped pattern. While the directory doesn’t guarantee an applicant success, it makes it a lot easier to narrow the field of programs to apply for. No matter how many financial aid directories a public library has, it needs to add this one. And high school guidance offices owe it to college-bound students and their families to have the High School Senior’s Guide. Very reasonably priced…"

Rettig on Reference

Listed as one of its "Bestselling Titles" by AllBookstores.com.


High School Senior's Guide was chosen for inclusion in the highly selective list of "recommended reference books for small and medium-sized libraries."

Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-sized Libraries

"Getting close to graduation and wondering how to pay for college? High School Senior's Guide to Merit and Other No-Need Funding provides a handy list of references for financial aid which are based on merit rather than need; chapters cover the various organizations which award such scholarships and grants, defining eligibility and the financial aid information needed to apply."


"This directory for high school seniors who are planning to attend college references more than 1,100 sources of available funding for those who might believe they are not eligible for financial aid. No set income level is required for any of the listings in this book—they are based solely on a student’s ability in a subject matter, athletic success, religious or ethnic background, and much more."

Ferguson Career Resource Guide

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