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Financial Aid for Persons with Disabilites & Their Families
(Formerly issued as: Financial Aid for the Disabled & Their Families)
What the Reviewers Are Saying:

“An excellent contribution in an area of publishing where quality is at a premium."

New York Public Library

“This is one of the few really useful directories of special programs that help the disabled finance college education, as well as pay for any additional expenses incurred by their disability. Like all other Reference Service Press publications, the type in this book is large and easy to read. The book is well organized and indexed, and hardbound to prepare it for heavy use. Overall, the best book on this subject on the market today."

College Spotlight

“Schlachter and Weber, compilers of other specialized financial aid directories, have made an important contribution to the field with this volume on opportunities for the disabled and their families. It provides detailed information on several hundred currently available funding sources and programs. A worthy purchase."


When selecting Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families as “one of the best reference books of the year,” Library Journal wrote: “This work fills a real need for up-to-date information on a wide range of funding needs (educational, career development, research, travel, and more) for people with various disabilities. It is made even more useful by multiple indexes, which allow access by program title, geographic location, subject, and even deadline.”

Library Journal

“This directory demonstrates how much good data can be provided at a modest cost by a small publisher.”

Reference & Research Book News

“An impressive and invaluable publication for all disabled people.”

Deaf Artists of America

“The most comprehensive guide of its kind. A must-have for public and secondary school libraries, parent resource centers, and related facilities. Well researched, well organized (with a variety of indices and supplemental materials), and as current as a print directory can be, the 450-page hardcover is reasonably priced."

Disability Resources Monthly

"One of the ongoing problems with the provision of aid or social services to individuals is informing them of what exists. For the disabled and their families, there is a substantial amount of public and private financial aid available. This guide pulls together that diverse list of sources of aid and provides key information on the application process…For families trying to put together a financial package for a disabled student, this title is the most comprehensive and complete source available...This work is clearly written, well organized, and thoroughly indexed. An essential purchase."

American Reference Books Annual

“An important publication about funds from a wide range of sources for these individuals. Will have lasting value."

Reviewer’s Bookwatch

"A useful and comprehensive resource...The book is well organized for use since it has chapters about financial aid for people with specific disabilities, and there are sections of each chapter for both undergraduate and graduate education."

Creating Options: Financial Aid for Individuals with Disabilities

“This very worthwhile volume cites every exclusively-disabled program that we know about and then adds hundreds more...The book can be highly recommended."

Off to College

“Reference Service Press has been in the business of compiling directories of funding programs for students for decades. This directory of funding programs for the disabled and their families is comprehensive, current, and well designed. Five stars” (out of five!).

College Financial Aid: The Best Resources to Help You Find the Money

“The best place to find millions of dollars in financial aid for Americans with disabilities is in Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families.”

Living with a Disability

“State sources of benefits and reference sources on financial aid are also included, making the publication a source of funds not only for college but for other areas of financial need as well. A useful and comprehensive resource for librarians, counselors, and professionals.”

Information from HEATH

“Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families is by all measures the most comprehensive source of information on aid for the disabled. The information contained in the listings appears to be as accurate as it is detailed, with no errors revealed when listings were checked. The directory is sturdy and easy to use. It fills a definite need and is a bargain.”

Morgan Directory Reviews

“The most comprehensive guide of its kind.”

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, Inc.

“Disabled families and the professionals who work with them will find this book extremely valuable. As a comprehensive list of major funding sources for the disabled—and how to find them—Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families is a must for libraries, educational institutions, and social services organizations.”

Small Press

“Hundreds of scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, and internships designed exclusively for the disabled and their spouses, children, parents, or siblings have been targeted and are described in this easy-to-use source.”

Rural Special Education Quarterly

“A comprehensive and unique reference book listing sources of financial aid available for individuals with disabilities…an outstanding reference tool for libraries, organizations, and individuals.”

Brain Injury Sources

Chosen “Book of the Month,” because “PWCF and their families should find it very helpful in obtaining financial aid.”

Boomer Esiason Foundation

"For up-to-date information on sources of funding for disabled people and their families, check out Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families.”

The Braille Forum

Named one of the "best reference sources available on the market" by Reference Sources for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries.

Reference Sources for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries

"Found to be the most helpful for parents: Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families."


1 of the "7 Top Financial Aid and Scholarship Guides:" Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families."

About.com (Adult/Continuing Education)

Selected as "Recommended Reading" by Infinitec.org because it "describes the ins and outs of applying to approximately 1,000 funders for education, assistive technology, career development, housing, travel and emergencies."


Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families is listed as a "Recommended Resource" by Ventures Scholars, a program which identifies high achieving underrepresented and first-generation college-bound students interested in pursuing math and science-based careers.

Ventures Scholars Program

"Extemely helpful to individuals with disabilities who do not know how to tap into resources for college training."

New York State Department of Social Services

Listed as one of its "Bestselling Titles" by AllBookstores.com.


In selecting Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families for inclusion in the latest edition of Reference Sources for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries (a highly-acclaimed list published by the American Library Assocaition that, for the past 40 years, has provided "bibliographic information and evaluative annotations for the most convenient and productive reference sources"), the reviewer called this directory from Reference Service Press one of the "absolute best guides for finding funding for specialized populations" and, because of that, strongly "recommended [the title] for public and academic libraries of all sizes."

Reference Sources for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries

"There's money out there--almost 'growing on trees.' The question is: How can you find up-to-date information on the varied and often ephemeral sources of funding for individuals with disabilities and/or members of their families? Now the answer is easy. Turn to Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families."

Keys to Independence

"A useful and comprehensive resource."

Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center, Gallaudet University

Named an "Essential Publication" by Mount Holyoke College's Career Development Center because this directory "lists funding opportunities for education, research, travel, training, career development, emergency situations, assistive technology, specially-adapted housing, and much more for disabled applicants and their families."

"Essential Publications," Career Development Center, Mount Holyoke College

"The only guide to over 900 scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards & internships set aside specifically for people with disabilities. All disabilities are covered including visual impairments, hearing impairments, developmental disabilities, and multiple disabilities."

Virginia College Quest

“As is true of all Reference Service Press publications the layout is easy to read, the indexing effective, and the material well written.”

Career Opportunity News

Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families "fills an important niche on the college-seeker's shelf. This unique biennial describes scholarships, fellowships, grants, loans, awards, and internships targeted to individuals with disabilities."

Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers Newsline

"Recommended" by AllAboutGradSchool.com!


"If you have a disability or know someone who does, then check out Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families. This award-winning directory describes over 1100 financial aid programs specifically designed for the disabled and their familes, with information accessible by type of disability as well as program title, organization, subject, and other indexes."

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District "InfoGuide"

"Especially useful."

Kansas State University's CATnet

"This book offers an abundant amount of information on financial aid."

New Horizons Un-Limited Inc.

"This is perhaps the best guide to literally billions of financial aid set aside for America's largest minority: the 49 million Americans with disabilities and members of their families."

Special Needs Project

Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families has been selected as one of the "smart money secrets for students," because it lists "numerous scholarship programs specifically for people with disabilities." As the author explains: "If you're deaf, blind, dyslexic, or otherwise disabled, look into special scholarships and financial aid for people with disaiblities [described in] Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families, by Gail Schlachter and R. David Weber."

1000 Smart Money Secrets for Students (by Debby Fowles)

Selected for inclusion in the 12th edition of Guide to Reference  (the landmark guide that identifies "the best available reference sources") because of the usefulness, breadth of scope, and quality of information Financial Aid for the Disability and Their Families offers on the aid available  for "education, research, travel, training, equipment acquisition, career development, and innovative effort."

Guide to Reference, 12th Edition

"A search of the Internet, or most any library catalog, for financial aid for the disabled invariably retrieves this title. After many years of biennial publication it still stands alone as the primary source for this important information...For families trying to put together a financial aid package for a disabled student this title is the most comprehensive and complete source available."


"Very highly recommended for academic library and vocational rehabilitation agency financial aid reference collections."

Midwest Book Review

"The best source available in this area."

Bob Cole, ILS Capstone Project

"Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families...describes various...scholarships, grants, and awards that are available to America's largest minority [people with disabilities and members of their families], and how to determine if a program is right for you."

CNJ Online

Called a "key directory" by the National Council on Aging (NCOA), because the book "provides information about hundreds of scholarship, fellowship, loan, grant, award, and internship programs established and designed primarily or exclusively for the disabled or members of their families."

National Council on Aging

"An invaluable resource in providing information and referral service to individuals contacting our Foundation for information."

National Head Injury Foundation

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