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RSP's Financial Aid Data

Currently, Reference Service Press publishes more than two dozen award-winning financial aid directories (for a list of these titles, click here). But, even collectively, these books represent only a small fraction of Reference Service Press's comprehensive database, which contains completely up-to-date information on more than 40,000 financial aid and funding programs available to support:

  • undergraduate studies
  • graduate studies 
  • research on any level
  • creative activities
  • past accomplishments
  • future projects
  • professional development
  • work experience
  • and many other activities

These programs, collectively, award billions of dollars each year to hundreds of thousands of high school seniors, college students, graduate students, postdoctorates, professionals, and other individuals--making this the largest database of portable funding opportunities available anywhere!

All types of funding opportunities can be found in the database, including scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, personal grants-in-aid, forgivable loans, awards, contests, and internships. What's even more unique about Reference Service Press's database, compared to its counterparts, is that all of these programs are "portable;" that is, they can be used in any number of academic institutions in any number of geographic locations--no single-school scholarships are ever included.

Plus, the detail in these records is unparalleled. Information is taken directly from materials supplied by the sponsoring organizations (we never write up programs from secondary sources). Our program descriptions cover everything a user would want to know about a funding opportunity, including:

  • application process
  • eligibility requirements
  • selection criteria
  • amounts awarded
  • duration and renewal possibilities
  • special features
  • limitations
  • number awarded
  • deadline date
  • and much more

While Reference Service Press does offer libraries and academic institutions the opportunity to subscribe to several prepackaged online products drawn from our database, we also extend licenses to commercial and other agencies interested in creating unique products for their clients or customers based on part or all of RSP's comprehensive listings. Because each record in RSP's database is coded for dozens of characteristics (gender, ethnic background, military affiliation, religion, grade point average, need requirements, disabilities, residency requirements, type of program, subject coverage--to name just a few!), we are able to customize each product licensed from our database, to meet our licensees' specific product needs.

For example, using our rich resources, we recently created and licensed an incredible database of scholarships, fellowships, grants, loans, and awards of interest to enrolled members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO). This database meets one of the CNO's main educational goals, as CNO's Chief Pyle explains:

“Through a unique partnership arrangement with Reference Service Press, the nation’s leader in researching financial aid opportunities for diversity candidates, we firmly believe we are offering Choctaw students free Internet access to the best possible scholarship database. The database is customized for CNO students and parents. It will access thousands of transportable scholarships a student can take to any school. And every opportunity in the database is open to CNO students who meet a program’s criteria."

You can read more about the Scholarship Database the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma created and licensed from Reference Service Press at

Some of the other clients who have licensed customized databases from Reference Service Press include:

For more information on licensing part or all of RSP's unique funding database, send us an email.

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