Funding Resources for Graduate Students
Nearly two dozen outstanding ways to identify billions of dollars available to graduate students


Financial Aid Resources for
Graduate Students

Are you interested in working on a graduate or professional degree? Do you need help in paying for your educational expenses?

Don't despair. There are thousands of financial aid programs, representing billions of dollars, available to help graduate students pay their way. The catch is: you can't get your share of this money if you don't know what's available and where to apply. That's where Reference Service Press can help! We've contacted the funders, identified the funding programs, and provided everything you'll need to know in our 25+ award-winning financial aid directories for students enrolled or planning to enroll in a graduate school.

To find the perfect source to guide you in your search for graduate student funding, you can browse through our online catalog below or click our alphabetical list of award-winning funding sources for students working on master's, doctoral, professional, or other post-baccalaureate degree. Then, you can order any of the titles here in RSP's eStore or click for off-line ways to purchase these resources.

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How to Pay for Your Law Degree, 2015-2017

There are hundreds of fellowships, grants, awards, and other funding opportunities, worth billions of dollars, available specifically for students entering, continuing, or returning to law school. Unfortunately, many law students are unaware of these opportunities. Don't be one of them. How to Pay for Your Law Degree makes it easy to find this funding. Click here to read more or to order now.


Money for Graduate Students in the Arts & Humanities, 2010-2012

In this directory, students can easily identify money available to support graduate study and research in architecture, art, dance, design, filmmaking, history, languages, literature, music, performing arts, philosophy, and the rest of the arts and humanities. Only the biggest and the best funding opportunities are described here. Click to read more or to order now.


Money for Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences, 2010-2012

This unique directory focuses solely on the 800+ biggest and best funding opportunities for graduate study/research in agronomy, animal sciences, botany, environmental sciences, horticulture, marine sciences, veterinary sciences, and the other biological sciences. Click here to read more or to order now.


Money for Graduate Students in the Health Sciences, 2010-2012

The 2010-2012 edition of this award-winning directory describes more than 1,000 fellowships, grants, and awards set aside just for students interested in working on a master's, professional, or doctoral degree in dentistry, genetics, medicine, nursing, nutrition, pharmacology, etc. Click here to read more or to order now.


Money for Graduate Students in the Physical & Earth Sciences, 2010-2012

Now you only need to check one place to learn about the nearly 900 biggest and best fellowships, grants, and awards that support graduate study and research in the physical and earth sciences, ranging from atmospheric sciences to physics and technology. Click here to read more or to order now.


Money for Graduate Students in the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2010-2012

Do you need money to support graduate study or research in accounting, advertising, anthropology, demography, economics, geography, international relations, library/information science, political science, psychology, sociology, or other social sciences? Then, this is the directory for you (nearly 1,100 funding opportunities representing billions of dollars are described). Click here to read more or to order now.


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