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Financial Aid for Research and Creative Activities Abroad, 2008-2010

Called a "must buy" and an "outstanding reference work," this unique directory identifies funding available to students and professionals who want to go abroad to write, paint, teach, travel, or conduct research. Nearly 1,100 funding opportunities are described in detail here. Click here to read more or to order now.


Financial Aid for Study and Training Abroad, 2008-2010

Did you know that each year hundreds of organizations in the United States and other countries set aside billions of dollars to underwrite the expenses associated with study or training abroad? Find these resources fast in this directory--which Transitions Abroad calls one of "the best resources." Click here to read more or to order now.


High School Senior's Guide to Merit & Other No-Need Funding, 2008-2010

Assigned 4 stars (highest rating) by College Financial Aid, this directory provides the only way for high school students to find money for college that is NOT need-based but is awarded, instead, solely on the basis of academic record, writing or artistic ability, athletic success, club membership, parents' military or organizational activities, or other personal characteristics. Click here to read more or to order now.


How to Pay for Your Degree in Library & Information Studies, 2010-2012

The result of years of planning and research, this first edition of this unique directory provides comprehensive coverage of funding opportunities available to support study, research, and conference attendance for students working on an undergraduate or graduate degree in library & information studies. Click here to read more or to order now.


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