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Financial Aid Calendar for High School Students: What To Do When

Financial Aid Calendar
From 9th through 12th Grade--
What To Do When

Applying for college and getting financial aid can be as challenging and rewarding as looking for the right job. It takes planning, organization, and--sometimes--a little luck to be successful.

We can't help you much with the luck part, but we can help you plan and organize a successful college/financial aid search. To do that, we've put together the following checklists:

  • 10th grade checklist

  • 11th grade checklist
          September - December
          January - June

  • 12th grade checklist
          September - December
          January - June

Of course, the best time to read and use these checklists is when you are just starting high school. The lists will help you understand the major steps that lie ahead. But, even if you are further along in high school, you will still want to review all of the checklists. Read them over and make sure there aren't any steps you've skipped. There's usually time to correct an oversight and catch up with the process.

Although the checklists are aimed specifically at high school students who are looking for money for college, students already in college (or going back to college, or even going on to graduate school) will find it helpful to read through the lists. Many of the steps suggested don't relate just to high school but should be followed any time you search for colleges and/or financial aid

As you work with these lists, you might think of other important steps that should be added. Let us know about them. If they are of general interests, will add them to the web site.

Now, let's get started in our countdown to college and financial aid.

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