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Is a college or graduate degree a good "investment?" You bet! According to Money Magazine, a postseondary degree can be worth $1 million plus over your lifetime. But, getting a degree is expensive. It often costs undergraduates $20,000 or more a year to go to school. And, graduate students may have to pay considerably more than that. Fortunately, billions of dollars in financial aid are available to help students at any level. Here, in Reference Service Press's Financial Aid Information Center, we've pulled together the information, tips, suggestions, and resources you'll need to find that funding fast.

Financial Aid Checklist:
What To Do When

When it comes to applying for college and financial aid, timing is key. You don't want to miss out. It's crucial that you do the right things at the right times. Do you know when to begin your financial aid search? When's the best time to take and even retake your SATs or ACTs? What's the earliest date you should submit your FAFSA form? This checklist identifies exactly what high school students need to do--in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades--to plan and organize a successful college and financial aid search.

Speaking the Language:
Your Financial Aid Dictionary

Looking for financial aid? It's hard to be succesful when you don't understanding the language. Do you know what defines "financial need?" What makes a student "independent?" Is the FAF the same thing as the FAFSA? How much money is your family "expected" to contribute to your education? These definitions, and hundreds more, are just a click away. Soon you'll be speaking the language just like a pro!


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