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Kaplan Scholarships, 2014

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"An outstanding job."

By Gail A. Schlachter, R. David Weber,
and the staff of Reference Service Press
561 pages, paper

Drawn from the latest version of RSP's financial aid database, the 2014 edition of Kaplan Scholarships provides detailed information on more than 3,000 of the biggest and best scholarships available to fund education after high school. These programs are open to high school seniors, high school graduates, currently-enrolled college students, and those returning to college after a break. This funding can be used to support study in any area, in junior and community colleges, vocational and technical institutions, four-year colleges, and universities.

What Makes This Directory Unique?
Lots of books list scholarships. What makes Kaplan Scholarships different? Here are just some of the reasons that this directory is unique:

  • the funding opportunities described here can be used at any number of schools (no single school scholarships are included)
  • only the biggest funding programs are covered (nothing under $1,000 per year)
  • not one dollar of the programs listed here needs to be repaid (this is all FREE money!)
  • the funding opportunities identified are not based just on need or academic record; many of the sources award money because of career plans, writing ability, religious or ethnic background, military or organizations activities, athletic success, or personal characteristics.

No other listing--in print or online--provides this type of coverage!

What Do the Reviewers Say?
This is your one-stop source to billions of dollars in college aid. That's why it has been included in Recommended Reference Books for Small & Medium-sized Libraries, called "an outstanding job" by the National Academy of American Scholars, and given the highest rating by customers!  Want to read more reviews? Click here.

Want to look inside the book?
Still not sure this book is right for you? Need to know more about what the directory can do for you? Want to see the kind of information you'll get? Here's your chance to look inside the book and see the first 15 pages, including the table of contents, information on how to get the most out of the listings, and a sample entry from the book.

How to Buy a Copy:
There are 3 easy ways to buy a copy of this book:

What is the Relationship between Reference Service Press and Kaplan?
Each year since 1998, RSP has partnered with Kaplan Educational Centers and Simon & Schuster to produce Kaplan Scholarships--one of a number of print and online resources that are drawn from Reference Service Press's unique financial aid database (which contains detailed and completely up-to-date information on more than 45,000 different funding opportunities). Currently, RSP also licenses segments of its database to academic institutions, libraries, nonprofit agencies, and commercial operations. Click here to learn more about Reference Service Press's licenses.

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