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Paying for College

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"5 Star Rating"

By Gail A. Schlachter
232 pages, paper

The soaring costs of college in an unstable economy have overwhelmed students and parents alike. Even good grades don't necessarily guarantee adequate financial aid anymore. And, many parents haven't been able to secure loans or refinance their homes to cover college costs. The need for money-saving advice and strategies is greater than ever before. That's why Kaplan (the"world leader in test prep and admissions") partnered with Reference Service Press to produce a new edition of Paying for College.

How will Paying for College help?
Written by scholarship expert Gail Schlachter, the new edition of Paying for College provides exclusive insider information from financial aid experts, real-life stories of families paying for college, advice on how to find hidden deals, and a multi-step plan designed to help families learn more about how to pay for college. Packed with money-saving tips, this book walks parents and students through planning, saving, and preparing for college costs.

With Paying for College, you'll learn how to:

  • calculate the real cost of college
  • get your share of student aid
  • navigate the application process
  • negotiate aid packages with colleges
  • make the most of your money
  • meet your share of expenses

Plus, there are entire chapters devoted to getting money from your state, searching for private scholarships (and other free money), finding alternatives to financial aid, going online for help, and learning how to "speak the language" (a complete financial aid dictionary).

What do the reviewers say?
According to the Midwest Book Review, Paying for College is "a book that literally pays for itself and then some" and is a "must-have for every college applicant who isn't independently wealthy." It has a 5-star rating on Amazon.com

How to buy a copy:
There are 3 easy ways to buy a copy of this book:

What is the relationship between Reference Service Press and Kaplan?
Reference Service Press and Kaplan (the test prep and admissions specialists) have worked together to issue both this book (Paying for College) and Get Paid to Play (the "only source" for portable athletic scholarship listings), in an effort to help students lower the high cost of a college education.

In addition, each year since 1998, RSP has partnered with Kaplan to produce Kaplan Scholarships--an award-winning directory drawn from Reference Service Press's unique financial aid database (which contains detailed and completely up-to-date information on more than 45,000 different funding opportunities).

Currently, RSP also licenses segments of its database to academic institutions, libraries, nonprofit agencies, and commercial operations. Click here to learn more about Reference Service Press's licenses.

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