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Money for Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences, 2010-2012

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"Enormously helpful!"

Gail A. Schlachter and R. David Weber
248 pages, comb binding, $37.50

Wasn't this directory previously published as Money for Graduate Students in the Biological & Health Sciences?
For many years, Reference Service Press proudly issued the award-winning directory, Money for Graduate Students in the Biological & Health Sciences. However, because the number of funding opportunities offered in these two disciplines steadily increased over the years, it was no longer possible to try to cover both fields comprehensively in one single volume. Consequently, beginning with the 2007-2009 edition, Reference Service Press permanently split Money for Graduate Students in the Biological & Health Sciences into two separate titles:

Dividing the previously-combined publication in this way has made it possible to continue Reference Service Press's twin goals of 1) providing the most comprehensive and current coverage of available funding in each of these fields and 2) making it easier for graduate students in the both fields (along with the counselors and librarians working with them) to become aware of the wide array of fellowships, awards, and grants currently available to support their graduate study, training, research, and creative activities.

Why should you use the directory?
The 2010-2012 edition of Money for Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences is unique in many ways. First, the directory only lists programs open to graduate students in these specific scientific areas. Now, you will just need to check one place to find the 800+ biggest and best fellowships, grants, and awards set aside specifically for students interested in working on a master's, professional, or doctoral degree in:

  • Agronomy
  • Animal sciences
  • Botany
  • Entomology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Horticulture
  • Marine sciences
  • Veterinary sciences
  • Zoology
  • or any other related field

Second of all, only "free" money is identified. Here's your chance to target programs that offer at least $1,000 per year to each recipient (and many go way beyond that, awarding full tuition or $30,000+ to graduate students annually), knowing that not one dollar of that will need to be repaid (provided, of course, that stated requirements are met)!

In addition, all of the funding opportunities described here are "portable," so you can take the money awarded by these fellowships to any number of schools.

What information is included in the directory?
The directory has been designed to make your search as easy as possible. Each program is clearly described--with detailed information given on purpose, eligibility requirements, financial data, duration, special features, limitations, number awarded, and deadline date. Entries are grouped by level (master's and doctoral), so you can zero in on just the type of aid you need. You'll even find the same convenience in the indexes, where title, organization, geographic coverage, subject, and deadline date are subdivided by student level.

What does this mean to you?
Now, you only need to check one place to identify the biggest and best funding opportunities that are available to help you pay for a master's, professional, or doctoral degree in the biological sciences! That's why American Reference Books Annual found the directory "invaluable," Choice "highly recommend" the title, and Mount Holyoke College Career Development Center calls the listing "enormously helpful."  Want to read more reviews? Click here.

Want to look inside the book?
Still not sure this book is right for you? Need to know more about what the directory can do for you? Want to see the kind of information you'll get? Here's your chance to look inside the book and see the first 15 pages, including the table of contents, introduction, author bios, and a sample entry from the book.

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This directory has been prepared as part of RSP's five-volume Graduate Funding Set. Each volume in the set focuses on a different subject area. Money for Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences can be purchased separately (use the order button at the top of this page) or at a discounted price as part of this set.

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