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Money for Christian College Students, 2012-2014

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A "must have" guide.

By Gail A. Schlachter and R. David Weber.
264 pages, comb binding

There are billions of dollars available to Christian students interested in working on a graduate or undergraduate degree in any subject (secular or religious). In the past, however, it was practically impossible to identify or get information on all of these funds. Print sources usually covered just a few of these resources and Internet listings have been lacking in comprehensiveness, detail, and/or currency. That has all changed now with the publication of Reference Service Press's most unique funding directory: Money for Christian College Students.

What's unique about the directory?
The latest edition of this ground-breaking resource offers the most comprehensive and current listing of scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, and other funding opportunities available to Christian undergraduate and graduate students. It doesn't matter what your field of study is (secular or religious), or the type of institution you want to attend (public, private nondenominational, or Christian colleges or universities), or the degree you're seeking (associate's degree, bachelor's degree, divinity or theology degree, doctorate, or anything in between). You'll be able to find funding for all that here.

What's covered in the directory?
Finally, there's an answer to the #1 question asked by Christian students: "How am I going to pay for my undergraduate or graduate degree?" Now, in one place, Christian students will be available to get detailed information on the 850 biggest and best funding opportunities set aside specifically for them.

Completely up to date, each of the program descriptions in Money for Christian College Students has been prepared from current material supplied by the sponsoring organization. Everything has been done, in the listing, to make it easy for you to spot the funding you need. Entries are divided by degree (undergraduate and graduate) and are organized so that, in seconds, you can read about the purpose, eligibility, monetary award, duration, special features, limitations, number awarded, and deadline date of any funding opportunity that interests you. In addition, you'll also find complete contact information: address, telephone number, fax number, toll-free number, e-mail address, and web site for each of these opportunities.

Using the indexes, you can even target your search to look for funding opportunities by:

  • sponsoring organization
  • residency requirements
  • where the money can be spent
  • subject fields
  • religious affiliation
  • diversity characteristics 
  • deadline

Who should use the directory?
This is the directory to use if you are Christian and looking for money to support your work on an associate degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree, Ph.D., certificate, or non-degree program in any field, religious or secular. There's nothing else like this! Want to read some reviews? Click here.

Want to Look inside the Book?
Still not sure this book is right for you? Need to know more about what the directory can do for you? Want to see the kind of information you'll get? Here's your chance to look inside the book and see the first 15 pages, including the table of contents, introduction, author bios, and a sample entry.

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