Meet the Staff

We're asked all the time: Who collects the information for the database? Who writes the detailed descriptions? Who verifies the information? Who handles the business side of the company?

In case you've been wondering about the same things, we'd like to introduce the staff to you.

Gail A. Schlachter (1943-2015) started Reference Service Press (RSP) when she was working in the library at California State University at Long Beach. With the help of her mother (who wrote out all the invoices because she didn't know how to type) and her children (who packed the books and carted them off to the post office), she issued the company's first financial aid title in 1978: Directory of Financial Aid For Women. Since then, under her direction, Reference Service Press has grown into the only publishing company in the United States specializing solely in the development of print and electronic sources of information on financial aid for specific groups, including women, minorities, the disabled, individuals interested in going abroad, and veterans, military personnel, and their dependents. She was involved in all aspects of the business--research, editorial, processing, marketing, and distribution. Long active in the library field, Gail won numerous awards in recognition of her outstanding contributions and was named the University of Wisconsin SLIS "Alumna of the Year." For more information about how Gail started and grew the company, read this interviewGail Ann Schlachter was posthumously inducted into the California Library Hall of Fame in 2015. 

R. David Weber and Gail were friends and colleagues for more than 40 years. Since 1988, David has been part of the Reference Service Press team, using his meticulous research and editorial skills to build, refine, and "clean up" RSP's database. He has done all this while teaching economics and history at East Los Angeles and Harbor Colleges, where he has been named "Teacher of the Year" almost every year since 1991. To e-mail R. David Weber:


Mike Fields, programmer par excellence and president of PageCentre, Inc., is the technical brains behind the project. We have yet to find a programming problem he can't solve. But, programming isn't his only passion. Tennis and fishing rate high on his list, too. To e-mail Mike Fields:

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