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Reference Service Press began in 1977, with a single financial aid book, and has grown into a successful niche publishing company specializing solely in the development of financial aid directories in any format. Today, we are committed to collecting, organizing, and disseminating--in print and online--the most current and accurate information available on scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, internships, and other types of funding opportunities.

In 2015, we published more than 25 different financial aid directories, each one an award winner in its own right. These resources identify funding for undergraduate and graduate studies, students with specific characteristics (women, minorities, persons with disabilities, those with ties to the military), research or study abroad, and specific disciplines (arts/humanities, biological sciences, health sciences, physical sciences, and social/behavioral sciences) and majors (agriculture, business, education, engineering, journalism, library/information studies, law, and nursing).

Look at the RSP Financial Aid Products section of our web site for descriptions of these and all other Reference Service Press resources. Or, for a list of just the newest editions and titles to join RSP's line of award-winning publications, click here.

Increasingly, however, we will be expanding our electronic operations. We are now licensing parts of our database for commercial and academic use.

More electronic developments: Reference Service Press has now begun offering online subscriptions to several interactive online financial databases, including:

  • Funding for Undergraduates
  • Funding for Graduate Students
  • Funding for Professionals/Postdoctorates
  • Funding to Go Abroad. And, more are in the works!

When Phyllis Steckler (former president of Oryx Press) was asked to sum up the current reference marketplace in an issue of Library Journal a few years ago, she observed: "There is no cessation of reference products, only more in alternate media." We think that pretty well describes our future direction as well!

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