Reference Service Press Award
For the Most Outstanding Article in
Reference and User Services Quarterly


Purpose: To recognize and reward the most outstanding article published during the past two years in Reference and User Services Quarterly (formerly RQ).

Eligibility: All articles published in the journal during the past 2 years are considered for this award. The winning article is selected by a committee appointed by the division. Selection is based on originality, timeliness, relevance to the association's areas of interest and concern, and quality of writing, For the purposes of this program, "article" is defined here to include any refereed article or invited column written by 1 or more individuals or by a committee, organization, or other group.

Financial data: The prize is was originally $500 and over the years has been raised first to $2,500, plus a plaque.

Special features: The prize is awarded by the Reference and User Services Association at the American Library Association's annual convention. (Discontinued)

Duration: The prize was awarded annually until 2015.

Number awarded: 1 each year. (Discontinued)

Previous winners: Click here for a chronolgical list of all winners.

For more information: This award is no longer offered.

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