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Change Your Records:
RSP Has New Phone and Fax Numbers!

We're very excited! Reference Service Press is moving its California offices from El Dorado Hills to the Bay Area. As part of the process, we've already changed our fax and phone numbers. So, you'll need to update your records. Here's how to reach us now:

  • New Phone Number: (650) 861-3170
  • New Fax Number: (650) 861-3171

Our mailing address, however, will not change for at least a couple of months. During that time, please continue to send your orders, payments, and other written communications to: 5000 Windplay Drive, Suite 4, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. We'll post our new address in the Bay Area as soon as our move is complete.

We will miss our terrific offices in El Dorado Hills. But, this move will take us closer to our high-tech and editorial partners. The result will be an even more targeted, technologically advanced, and up-to-the-minute delivery of the unique financial aid information you've come to expect from our award-winning company. Check back frequently. Watch us grow. You'll like what you see!

Hot Off the Press!
Newest Titles and Editions from RSP

Want hot-off-the-press information on new listings of scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, and other funding opportunties? You'll find all that, and more, in this section of RSP's web site. As soon as we issue new titles or editions, we list them here. Most recently, these have included directories for:

What else is new at RSP? Check now!

Take RSP's Financial Aid Poll

Reference Service Press frequently conducts polls related to financial aid issues. Currently, we're asking whether or not you think illegal immigrants should receive financial aid. From the Federal government? their state? a private agency? or none at all? Let us know. Participate in our latest poll. And, while you're there, take at look at the results of our earlier polls.

Financial Aid Info Center

It definitely pays to continue your education past high school. Your college or graduate degree could be worth $1 million--and more--over your lifetime. But, getting an advanced degree is expensive. The costs of tuition, books, room, and board often exceed what students and their families can pay on their own. That's where we can help. Reference Service Press's Financial Aid Information Center is full of tips, suggestions, directions, and resources--all designed to help you find the funding you need to pay for your college education. Plus, we're adding features all the time, so check back regularly.

Late Breaking Financial Aid News

Stay in the know. Make Reference Service Press your one-stop shop for up-to-date information on financial aid developments, events, and resources.

First, check out our News Slideshow below. We utilize the power of Google to bring you links to the latest news and information on financial aid, tuition, student aid, and scholarships. Click on the headline to read the complete news story. Click on "Related Articles" to see if there are more stories on the same topic.

Stories are updated every 15 seconds! Want to see the next story even faster? Just click on the "Next" button below.

Want more information? Then, head off to our News Center, for even more "News You Can Use." And, check back frequently. That way, you'll be just a click away from the latest financial aid news!

Looking for Money for College?

Are you having trouble paying your college tuition? Have you searched the various scholarship web sites and still can't find the money you need? We've got the answer! Reference Service Press publishes dozens of targeted financial aid directories--each one describing billions of dollars aimed at specific groups of students. Check them out. You can get funding based on your career interests, educational level, ethnicity, religion, military status, income level, organizational memberships, hobbies, creative activities, and more.


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